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Who I am

A no-fuss, human-first approach to digital marketing with your business at the centre.

I love digital marketing. Pretty geeky I know but that’s my thing.  I build beautiful websites for businesses looking to get online and make sure they’re seen.

It’s like having your very own digital matting department without all the headaches of hiring and managing. I’m here to create your strategy, do the work & show you the wins.

Many small businesses do not realise the range of tools at their disposal, which can be implemented with little budget but big returns.

I have over 10 years of experience in: 

  • Building digital strategies & roadmaps to success
  • Website building + management
  • Getting sites visible for free on Google (SEO)
  • Paid advertising on Google & Bing & social
  • Effective email marketing, automation + data management
  • SMS marketing 
  • Analytics and data management
  • Wider business strategy consultancy 

I am offering an affordable way to have your very own digital marketing department with data-driven results that show you the wins!

Click here to find out more about me on LinkedIn.

P.S. elartee is just my initials! 

Just some of the people I’ve worked with

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How to reach me

Want to grow your business online without the hassle? Is digital marketing jargon to you? Does SEO sound like a made-up term? 

You're not alone! Reach out today for a free consultation. We'll discover what if anything could help your business in the short & long term. If it's a fit I will come up with a tailored proposal, designed to hit the areas that will impact your business most.

There is no one size fits all approach! Get in touch to arrange a discovery call today.