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Perhaps the most important part…

I want to keep digital marketing simple and fun for you. That means making sure you are clear on what a win looks like when you are getting them & what is next. 

While I will keep an eye on the analytics, use these to inform the strategy of each element & get really geeky, I do not want to bore you with information overload if you’re not interested.

That is why my work comes with a one-page report. This report is your “this is working” digest. Quick, exciting & it will even include actionable ideas & advice.


Luke Robert Thomas

Think of me as an easy & affordable solution to getting your business online. A no fuss, human-first aproach to digital marketing with you at the centre.

I love digital marketing. Pretty geeky I know but that’s my thing.  So to get my fix, I build beautiful website for businesses looking to get online.

There are options for all budgets from the basic templates right up to fully custom designs with logo’s, branding, the works.

I also offer a range of digital marketing services. I like to think of working with me as an affordable way to have your very own digital matting department. I’m here to help you understand, do the work & show you the wins.

I have over 10 years of experience in: 

  • Building digital strategies & roadmaps to success
  • Website building + management
  • Getting sites visible for free on Google (SEO)
  • Paid advertising on Google, Bing & social platforms
  • Social Media management & strategy
  • Effective email Marketing, automation + data management
  • SMS Marketing 

Digital marketing is a huge discipline. Many small businesses do not realise the range of tools at their disposal. 

I am offering an affordable way to have your very own digital marketing department with data-driven results that show you the wins!

Click here to find out more about me on LinkedIn.

P.S. elartee is just my initials! 


Recent Project: Focus 4 Growth

Working with the team at Velocity Design and Marketing, we were able to pull together this stunning showcase site for Justin Leigh and his team.

Professionalism was key but simplicity was also important. The new brand and information is the hero here and it looks great.

View the site.

Tyre Bay Direct Homepage

Step one. Tell me a bit about yourself!

Want to grow your business online without the hassle? Is digital marketing jargon to you? Does SEO sound like a made-up term? 

You're not alone! Reach out today for a free consultation. We'll discover what if anything could help your business in the short & long term. If it's a fit I will come up with a tailored proposal, designed to hit the areas that will impact your business most.

There is no one size fits all approach! Get in touch to arrange a discovery call today.